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Competencies: Building Blocks, Not Buzzwords

What comes to mind when you hear the term "competencies"? Are competencies just the latest buzzword for leadership certification or for development of Librarian 2.0 skills? This podcast version of Mary Ross's Jan 8, 2008 Infopeople webcast will give you a basic understanding of competencies as guides for your library's recruitment and hiring, performance management, and staff development efforts.


Decisions, decisions

My voter pamphlet arrived in the mail a few days ago, followed by my sample ballot. Yep, it's election time! Carole Leita shared GlassBooth with us all last week, so I thought I'd toss in a few sites that I have found to be useful for helping users (and yourselves!) find information about candidates and initiatives.


Prognostications from CLA 2007, Part 1

If you weren’t able to visit the Infopeople booth at CLA, you missed the chance to hear a costumed fortune-teller (library consultant Joan Frye Williams, in a cameo appearance) render predictions about the future of libraries. Here’s a sampling of her pithy prognostications. More to come next week. She did a lot of prognosticating.
In the future…



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