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Virtual ALA

ALA's annual conference is starting later this week (June 21-27) in Washington, DC. If you can't make the real deal, there are a number of ways you can virtually tune in:


Changing the Unchangeable

I have been following an interesting series of blog entries regarding change, innovation, libraries, and Web 2.0 (among other things). It started with a very interesting post by David Lee King. One of the big points he makes is that in the face of intractable management, innovative techie-type librarians will flee for greener pastures. He does a good job of stating the problem and challenges all of us to come up with solutions. His key questions:


Friday Bits

Bit One: I have been at LMS 2007 for the past couple of days getting lots of exposure to the ins and outs of issues like changing your learning management system, how to deal with vendors, and what to look for in a Learning Content Management System. Today I attended a session on Web 2.0 and Learning Management Systems, and they talked about a very cool new LMS, the first of its kind, actually:



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