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Infopeople Task Group Using Web 2.0 Tool

Four Infopeople staff, fondly referred to as "peeps," (Eileen, Gail, Gini and Linda) have been using a FREE, easy-to-use and very practical Web 2.0 online "to do" shared list service, Ta-da Lists.
You can use the website to:
• make one list to keep track of things you personally need to get done
• make multiple lists you can share with other people (co-workers, friends, family)
• subscribe to your lists in RSS


An alternative to TinyURL

I'm a big fan of Tiny URL, a service that takes really long URLs and turns them into much shorter URLs - a handy service for things like Google Maps. Well, there's anew kid on the block called dwarfURL. It takes the short URL idea and adds a nifty additional feature: it tracks click stats! You add a password to your URL to get this working.


Library 2.0 Ning

Library 2.0 Ning is my favorite social network because it promotes serendipitous searching among people who have the same profession as well as an interest in web 2.0 in common.
I invite you to join this group of intriguing people from all over the world and add me to your friends list; see my profile.


Looking for videos? Try Stumble Video!

I signed up for a StumbleUpon account a while ago, and haven't really utilized it all that well. It's a toolbar that works with the Firefox, Mozilla, and Sea Monkey web browsers and basically enhances your ability to do, as Gail McGovern likes to call it, "serendipitous searching." Pretty cool idea!


Travel Tips

Well known travel store, Magellan's, offers an online travel article on dealing with airline aggravations; it is worth bookmarking and sharing with library users.
If you and your library users want lots of helpful information in blog format, add the Sacramento-based Holloway Travel Outfitters blog to your RSS feeds.



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