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On October 13, we announced that we had to postpone future on-ground sessions of "Extreme Googling" because Joe Barker was experiencing back problems. That was the bad news. Now, the good news is that Joe has developed two online courses that cover the same material, and those courses are now open for registration.
"Extreme Googling.1: Google's Way of Thinking" will cover Google's default thinking, Google tools, how to improve Google's thinking, how to make Google "think" for you, and how to limit searches. This course will start on November 30, 2004, and end on January 4, 2005. "Extreme Googling.2: Discovery Tools" teaches how to search for specialized types of materials, how to use Google's specialized databases and shortcuts, Google's special services, and what to do when Google doesn't work. This course, which will take place from January 18 - February 15, 2005, builds on the skills learned in "Extreme Googling.1," so if you don't take the first course, we ask that you please take the "Googling Skills Self-Assessment Quiz" to determine if you are ready for the course. The quiz can be found at the end of the course description for "Extreme Googling.2."

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