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annelipow.jpgAnne Lipow, renowned library trainer and consultant, died yesterday, September 9, around 10:30 PM, after a long battle with cancer. Anne was the founder and director of Library Solutions Institute and Press. She was the author of numerous books and articles, including "Crossing the Internet Threshold" and "The Virtual Reference Librarian's Handbook." Her "Rethinking Reference" institutes were recognized as being internationally significant and contributed to Anne's receipt of the ALA Isadore Gilbert Mudge/R.R. Bowker award for "a distinguished contribution to reference librarianship."
Anne was very special to Infopeople because she was the guiding force in the initial development of the Infopeople training program, and she was responsible for bringing Cheryl Gould to Infopeople. Over the years, she was always there for us, giving us new ideas, advice, and inspiration. The courage and style with which she faced the challenge of her illness was truly amazing. Anne will be greatly missed by all of us and by the greater library community.
If you have some personal comments or remembrances you'd like to share, please click on the "comments" link below. We will be sharing these comments with Anne's family.

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In response to several requests from family, friends, and colleagues for ways to remember Anne--descendant of rabbis, maker of dreidels--during the High Holidays, I've collected the following suggestions for tzedakah: The Tikkun Community (, co-founded by Rabbi Michael Lerner (who was a friend and political comrade of Annes for over four decades, and who performed Annes funeral service), promotes peace and healing between Israel and Palestine, among other laudable goals. TIKKUN Community c/o TIKKUN Magazine 2342 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 1200, Berkeley, CA 94704. Tel: (510) 644-1200. Email: [email protected] The Jewish Arts, Culture, and Torah School (info: [email protected]), whose Rosh, Sara Shendelman, performed Annes burial service at the gravesite. (Sara is also the cantor at Chochmat HaLev in Berkeley). This is where Annes granddaughter Sydney attends Hebrew school; they try to admit all kids regardless of ability to pay. Make checks payable to JACTS and send to 1743 Oregon Street, Berkeley, CA 94703. The Camp Kee Tov Scholarship Fund (, c/o Temple Beth El, 2301 Vine Street, Berkeley, CA 94708. In 2004, the scholarship fund gave assistance to Sydney, the first of a new generation of Lipows to attend Kee Tov, (Jenny, Steph and Nick went there in the '60's and '70s). Anne used to stand in line overnight to assure her offspring got one of the slots available to non-temple members; nowadays, they use a lottery. Be'chol Lashon (In Every Tongue) is a community-building and research initiative of the Institute for Jewish & Community Research ( that seeks to create a Jewish community that is more racially and ethnically inclusive, both in the United States and around the world. Contact them via the web to find out how to make a donation, sign up for their newsletter, or attend one of their multicultural Jewish events. The Rebuilding Alliance (, which Anne supported after learning about its mission from our dear cousin Leilas mother, Mary Edith Abu-Saba. More than four thousand Palestinian homes have been demolished since September 2000; the Alliance works specifically with non-governmental organizations, both Palestinian and Israeli, who are willing to work together to rebuild demolished homes, build schools, and develop joint legal petitions in support of fair housing rights. Lastly, consider signing the Call to Bring the Settlers Home to Israel, found at The Call is the creation of Brit Tzedek vShalom, the Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace, a national group of Jewish Americans committed to ending the violence between Israelis and Palestinians. It is the centerpiece of a campaign to tackle one of the toughest obstacles to Middle East peace: the presence of over 200,000 Israeli settlers living throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip

Dear Anne, I miss you not even less than everybody who got to see, hear, and know you. Remember the night when you lay sleep in the back of the car during our trip to Yosemite. You had been working harder to finish "Rethinking Reference", and share your time to guide a girl from Thailand there to absorb the beauty part of California with the beauty of your heart. Dear Anne, right now, you had already made a trip that every human beings ought to. You got your journey before us. I just wonder where are you now after you wake up from your restful sleep. You are sure be in our heart. We all miss you, miss your amazing love and care. Be happy there as you always were on earth....Anne... With love and care, Sugar

I am just stunned to hear of Anne's passing. I did not know her well, but took many of her classes: Crossing the Internet Threshold, training the trainer, and other Internet classes. Years ago she worked with the Balis Staff Development Committee when I was a member. I was at her house in Berkeley once. Anne was always such as inspiration to me in my career; her warmth, her wisdom, her infectious passion for the ideals of our profession. When I walked away from a class with Anne, no matter how burned out or tired I felt at the beginning, by the end I was re-energized yet again. At the same time she was so down-home so not intimidating that even someone like me could stand in her circle and be heard. I cannot believe she is gone. I looked up to her and received inspiration from her and I am so so sorry I did not get a chance to tell her before she died. She was a great human being and I loved her.

Dear Steve and Family, I don't remember when I first met Anne, but I think it was on Telegraph Avenue where she was selling her design for a cookbook holder. I know I have that and still use it. This was many years ago and over the years I have always felt a warm connection with Anne, even though we didn't see each other often. Anne told us about the wonderful mushroom stock cubes one could only buy in Italy, so of course we got Anne and Steve a supply when we went to Italy in 1998! And ourselves too -- I think I overestimated our need for mushroom stock cubes as we still are working on that supply! Besides all the great conversations about libraries and life, what I am most grateful for is Anne's help during Gina Minudri's stroke recovery. After Gina was released from UCSF IUC, she was transferred to Elmwood Nursing Home in Berkeley. This was a major step downward, and I was very concerned about the lack of care in this place. Gina was on a thick liquid diet and the nursing home served her unsuitable food the first three meals. I freaked and set up a schedule to have a friend sit with Gina for every meal to make sure that she was okay. Among my many friends who pitched in, Anne spend came over most week day lunches to sit with Gina and provide contact and oversight. I will always be grateful to her for taking so much time out of her day, for 4 weeks, to make sure Gina survived the nursing home. Thank you, Anne, for being such a caring human being and an inspiration to the rest of us! Love from Carol Starr and Regina Minudri

I didn't really know Anne well, mostly virtually. As remarkable as it now seems to me, I never had an opportunity to work with her directly on any projects or in any professional association although our paths crossed many times. She was a prolific writer, and a great promoter of (and for) the profession. I know she will be dearly missed.