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Listen to an audio e-Book, that you checked out free from the Library, on your commute into work each day, while you exercise, or while cooking dinner!
OverDrive has launched its much-anticipated platform of Audio e-Books. OverDrive Audio Books is built upon the framework of Microsoft Windows Media Player, the most commonly used computer media player. Several libraries have already signed up to use the platform, including King County Library System, Cleveland Public Library, and the Mid-Illinois Talking Book Center.
Califa's e-Book consortium will be purchasing a collection from OverDrive in the near future. The goal for the opening day collection is to start with $50,000 of materials including best-sellers, audiobooks, and Spanish and Chinese language materials. The books are readable on any PC and downloadable to CD as well. The e-Books are also downloadable to either Adobe or Mobipocket e-Book reader devices (including PCs and PDAs). If you're from a California Library and this sounds interesting to you (& it should!), contact Califa for more information.

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