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Ever seen this great text editor that Genny Engel of Sonoma County Library turned me on to? It's AceText which is a great tool for anyone who uses word processing or email.
Using AceText, you can save text clips (up to 10,000) and then define the paste order for multiple clips. You can search all or some of your text clips. Clips can be reused easily in e-mails and documents using customizable shortcuts.
In email, you can remove all the quotes off each line of a message and then 'reflow' the lines so that it becomes a nice normal paragraph. There's also a 'trim white space' command. Unix shell commands come to Windows!
Anyone who uses cut and paste between documents or between different applications (Word, WP, Word for Mac, etc) will benefit from using Ace Text because you don't pollute documents with funky formatting from other documents when you cut and paste with AceText.
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