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Ahren Sievers is the Technology Librarian for the Elmwood Park Public Library in Elmwood Park, Illinois. Hired as the library’s one-man IT department in 2007, Ahren was charged with patching things up and guiding the library into the future on a limited budget and with little assistance. Seven years later, he has taught himself a great deal about IT and found insight in bridging the gap between librarianship and information technology.

Ahren is intent on dispelling the negative connotations that surround IT people yet is quick to remind people that he is and will always be a librarian first. His first library job was during his undergrad years at the University of Iowa in the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences. It was there he began his perpetual fascination with the intersection of libraries and technology and the seed was planted for him to continue on and get his MLIS at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois, which he did in 2007.