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Susan Stuart Clark, Executive Director, has over over 25 years of experience in social marketing and consumer marketing, as well as pioneering work in “community-driven design.” She formed Common Knowledge to focus on stimulating public participation in complex areas such as public policy, voting, the environment, health reform and financial literacy via accessible, culturally competent communications and engagement programs. Susan is a recognized expert in community participation practices and presents frequently on topics of community engagement and increasing participation of lesser heard voices.

Susan’s marketing and communications experience includes serving as Vice President of Planning and New Products at Del Monte Foods, Director of Marketing at the California State Lottery and as a Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble. Her expertise in community engagement, policy and media advocacy has been developed as lead consultant on the Civic Engagement Project for Children and Families, director of the Center for Civic Literacy, as an Associate of the Kettering Foundation and as director of the annual Public Policy Institute at U.C. Davis. Susan has worked with and for nationally recognized civic engagement experts at Viewpoint Learning and AmericaSpeaks among others and is an enthusiastic “reflective practitioner” in the field of dialogue and deliberation.