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The public wants the library to offer more than books or links to cyberspace. As documented in the Benton Foundation's research, users want libraries to balance "high touch" and "high tech." Adult programming is one of the many ways libraries can add value and engage their communities.

In this course you will learn simple, effective strategies for making your library a community cultural center the venue for multifaceted adult programming. You will learn how to design, plan, and promote effective adult programs, as well as to troubleshoot and evaluate them. This workshop is intended to take the frustration out of developing high-interest programs that will help make your library an inspiring destination.

Workshop Description: This all-day workshop will introduce participants to the many types of adult programming and provide proven tools and strategies for designing and implementing programs for libraries of any size. Through individual and group exercises, class discussion, and presentation, participants will learn techniques that will give them the confidence they need to create successful adult programs on their own. The instructor will provide sample publicity templates and flyers, detailed checklists, and a resource list, as well as a wide range of practical, useful tips that can be applied immediately.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Why Program
    • Benefits and impact for the library
    • Overview of different types of programming and formats
  • Developing the Plan/Program
    • Program design checklist
    • Developing a preliminary budget
    • Planning checklist
    • Sample programs/formats
    • Planning timeline
    • Working with authors, speakers, scholars
    • Licensing and copyright
  • Publicity and Promotion
    • Audience assessment
    • Partnerships
    • Media planning
  • Program and Evaluation
    • Room-set- up
    • Troubleshooting
    • Distributing evaluations

Workshop Instructor: Lynn Whitehouse