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  • Are you implementing a new ILS, adding MACs to your PCs, building a new branch, responding to changing demographics, changing leadership, implementing a new strategic plan, changing policies, beginning roving reference ... or ..?
  • Are you finding living with all this change and leading change scary, confusing, less fun and more challenging than you thought?
  • Is your staff anxious and uncomfortable? Are you?
  • Do you wish that constant change will stop (it won't) and that there has to be a better way? (Hint: There is.)

This workshop will respond to your questions about change, and provide you with that "better way" to move the change project forward as well as help you and library staff not only survive, but thrive.

Workshop Description: This one-day on-ground workshop will dispel many of the myths about change and provide with you a model to understand and prepare for both change (at the organization level) and transitions (at the personal level).

Bring a change project to this workshop and be prepared to work through the steps that will help you take it from successful start-up through successful implementation. You will leave the workshop with a plan that you can take back to work and immediately begin to apply to your library's change project.

Preliminary Course Outline

  • Change happens.
    • Change myths and realities
    • The conditions necessary for change to happen
    • Factors supporting and hindering change - at your library
    • Making a case for change
  • Change model and tools
  • Building commitment for change
  • Supporting the change with processes, structures, skills and systems
  • Transitions - the personal side of change
  • Dealing with resistance - yours and theirs
  • Making the change stick

This workshop will prepare you to identify, articulate, inspire, and develop necessary changes - and make them "stick" so that your library can move forward.

Workshop Instructor: Paula Singer