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Time waster for the mind

Games for the Brain is excellent for a little tune-up for the part that thinks. I spent a few minutes this morning before I quit at 250 on Colorama. Other fun games include Dragger, Spellice, Anagramania, NumberCruncher, Crime Scene, Marsmoney, Memocoly, and I Will Read Your Mind.


The answer to a burning question

Today's Friday Funny is in honor of the fact that it's really, really hot and cold things sound great right now.
This article from the Christian Science Monitor explains in great detail where the ingredients for banana splits come from (and for all you wiseacres out there, no the answer is NOT Baskin Robbins!). I really enjoyed the bit about marshmallows (being particularly fond of them). There really is a marsh mallow plant and once upon a time the sap was used as a thickener in the candy puffs!


Fun with birds...

And cats. Check out Bird Snatchers! It's enormous fun and a huge time-waster. Be sure to read the instructions (otherwise you and the cats may spend a good deal of time futiley sitting on the ground - I speak from experience). I kept the music on as it was very mellow and added to the zen of it all. Happy Friday everyone!
A tip o' the propeller hat to Boing Boing for the link.


Happy birthday, America!

It's the 4th of July weekend, so it must be time to check out some cool websites (hey, other than watch fireworks and eat hot dogs, it's not like you were planning to do anything else this long weekend, right?). From the History Channel, a special Fourth of July site compiles a bunch of interesting links. Did you know, for instance, that the estimated amount of hot dogs eaten by Americans on the Fourth of July is 150 million? Whoa!



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