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Gone to the dogs

Ever wonder what kind of dog you'd be, if you were a dog? Well, this site will help you find out! It's actually a link to a movie site, but if you click the on the left to Game, it will take you to a nifty little screen in which you must answer a series of questions about yourself. Once you are given the results, a picture of the breed will show up so you can see what you'd look like. Cool!
Oh, I'm a Munsterlander.


Keep your eyes on the road!

roadsigns.jpgHere's a fun thing to do while you're on the road: math! Check out Road Sign Math. The site is a collection of pictures of road signs with mile totals that add up to real numbers. You'll find lots of basic math (addition and subtraction), and then there is also more advanced stuff like squares. You can contribute as well - when you find a sign, take a picture of it and submit it to them. Cool!


New MSN search feature!

This actually came out last week in honor of April Fool's Day, but I'm offering it up as this week's funny. MSN has created a pretty cute spoof search site when you can input people's names and create a customized search results page for them, based on some stereotypical generalizations from which you can choose. For instance, I identified myself as a "Gadget Toting Internet Cubicle Geek" (unfortunately a very accurate description) and my search results included this:


Neato Toledo!

Wow, Infopeople's new blog author Gail McGovern (welcome, Gail!) gave me a really good idea with her entry about the iPod Shuffle fitting well in Infopeople shirt pockets. I knew that about the iPod Shuffle (it fits great in all pockets, pretty much) - the great idea was to use her iSight camera to take a picture of herself! So here you go, a nice shot of yours truly with my iSight camera:



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