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Hippity-hoppity Bunny Day!

peeps in a boxIn honor of this weekend, I offer up a little tribute to one of the icons (okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit) of the modern holiday, an icon that is close to the hearts of all us Infopeople: the peep. In this tribute, I, with a little help from my friends, tested the ability of peeps to survive a microwave.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Okay, so it's only Thursday. But as it's St. Patrick's Day today, we thought it made more sense to run this funny a little early. It's a little game to amuse you (and may consume more time than you should probably spend on it): the Get the Drunk Home game! The goal is to keep our boozy friend upright and walking. The further he goes, the better you're doing. Just move your mouse to the right and the left to keep him from weaving (or falling down) too much. It's harder than it looks. Mostly, I made him collapse after three or four meters.


For the tardy among us (you know who you are)

Check this out! A handy dandy citation generator service that will email all those folks who keep you cooling your heels. As a chronically on time person who has spent much of my life waiting for other people to show up, I really can appreciate this. Citations come in two flavors: kind and, uh, less than kind. Only problem I can see is overly zealous spam filters plopping the citation emails in a junk folder or just deleting it altogether. Still, it's a cute idea.



A day late, but as the topic is Zen that's okay, right?
Take a little time to experience Zen.*
*If the fly distracts you is it Zen to click?


Sappy Valentine's Day stuff

Okay, maybe not so sappy, but the headline intrigued you, didn't it? Anyway, in honor of the big day, some interesting links to inform and amuse you. Did you know over 1 billion cards are sent in the U.S. alone? And parents receive one in five of the cards sent each year. Check out this page for more factoids. Why February 14? Well, it turns out there is more than one theory about that.


Yahoo! Picks of the Year

Each year, Yahoo! picks what they think are the ten oddest, most fun or most interesting sites of the year. Here are the 2004 entries. A few faves: Animals on the Underground, which finds the shapes of animals in London's Underground maps. And there's WordCount, a site that ranks the 86,800 most commonly used English words. I tried "whoopee" and found that it is number 53,526. "To" is number four. And the number one word is...drum roll...



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