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Season's greetings to all!

Infopeople wishes you and yours a wonderful holiday season. We'll be taking a few days off from blog posting to enjoy some time with family and friends. Happy merry jolly!


Are you a puzzle player?

A friend sent this link to GROW to me. It's a puzzle (what is the best order for adding the pieces?). Perfect score is 20,000. There is at least one solution. If you want some mental stimulation and a lot of time, try to solve it. If you just want to know the answer, you will be able to find it some place or other on the web.


Holiday stress reliever

It's that time of year again. Our mailboxes are overflowing with catalogs, there's a Christmas tree lot on every corner, and if you're like us, you're already contemplating how you are going to fit gift shopping and holiday planning into a too busy schedule. Well, here's a handy dandy stress reliever. Bookmark the site and come back whenever you're feeling overwhelmed: virtual bubblewrap!


Cat Fanciers Take Note!

Due to a complete lack of industriousness on our part, there was no Infopeople Friday funny last Friday. Not that there weren't funny things out there. We're sure there were plenty. We just couldn't find them ;-( After much exhausting trolling around the web we found a pretty good one for this week.


Dog Haikus

We were wracking our brains trying to come up with a Friday Funny for today, and were about to resort to cheesy jokes, when suddenly we remembered a very funny set of haikus sent to us a while back. We offer them up now for your enjoyment: Dog Haikus! Some samples:



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