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Tricks of the Trade

My life is all about efficiency--multitasking, finding the quickest and best way to do things, and trying to get the most for my effort and money. And I know I'm not alone, especially in the library world, where we're often answering a phone reference question, searching the web, and recycling a piece of scratch paper simultaneously.


Read of This Week!

LITA Blog is the hottest blog around this week for librarians. ALA annual conference is on (over on June 29) and a great group of librarians are blogging it here. Find out what "long tail" is and why it's so important to the library's future; the difference between a 'smart finder' and a 'good searcher'; about the eliminate -the-desk theme in library architecture; and much more as the week goes on.


Upgrade, schmupgrade

A study by AssetMetrix shows that people are increasingly reluctant to upgrade their Microsoft operating systems. While Win XP use is up to 38%, Windows 2000 is still in use in 48% of business PCs. The problem with this trend is that Microsoft is planning to end "mainstream" support for Windows 2000 at the end of this month. To upgrade, or not to upgrade, that is the question. See the full CNET article here.


How do YOU spell email?

Here at Infopeople, a debate raged quietly for a while about how to spell the word "email." Some folks wanted to spell it "e-mail" (with the hyphen), while the lazier peeps (that would include yours truly) preferred leaving the hyphen out. Finally Carole Leita put her foot down and created a stylesheet for us all to use (and for the most part we cooperate, except for the occasional odd slip - sorry Carole!).


Realtime (almost) news from ALA Midwinter

The Public Library Association is breaking ground with the first official library association blog at an ALA conference with their PLA blog. Check in here (or add it to your RSS feed -- see the LII's About RSS if this is new to you) to find out what's important and see if you know any of the librarian bloggers.


Better than any blog I read

NewsScan Daily is, word-for-word, the most valuable free M-F newsletter about the Internet. RLG has sponsored them for the past few years. This is one of the few publications I would want in my mailbox and not in my blog aggregator. It's my favorite in the Keeping Up with the Internet and technology category.



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