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Social Networking: Positive Uses for Libraries

Are you still on the fence about social networking at the library?

A year ago the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) division of the American Library Association launched the 30 days of positive uses of social networking project. Every day throughout October three YALSA bloggers posted ideas and information about using social networking in the school and public library.
You can download the compilation as a PDF.


So You Want to Be a Consultant?

In this podcast of her July 31 Infopeople webcast, library consultant Joan Frye Williams shares the fruits of her 15+ years of full-time consulting experience, providing practical information about everything you need to get started from in-demand consulting specialties, necessary skills, basic business requirements, proposals and contracts, and, of course, fees and billing.


Understanding Today's Boomer Library Consumer

Nationally-renowned Boomer expert Matt Thornhill says, "The demographics of California are quickly changing as Baby Boomers reinvent middle age as they reach 50, 60, and beyond. Traditional programs for "seniors" won't work for Boomers, nor will programs designed for younger adults. It's time libraries better understood California's largest, wealthiest, and most influential demographic group."


Weeding to Achieve a Healthier Collection

Weeding is a necessary—and, for some, a worrisome collection maintenance task. What to keep? What to weed? Where to start? And how can weeding happen in a library without its users wondering why materials are being withdrawn? In fact, weeding can be the answer to stimulating circulation, and weeding is a requirement for keeping your collection vigorous and useful.



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