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The one best thing

Author Maureen Johnson is a big fan of libraries. Recently she posted this tweet:

twitter screenshotLibrarians quickly hit the keyboards in response. The winning suggestions: Use the library. Check out books. Participate in programs. Tell your local politicians how important the library is. Use the library some more.


Master Speaker Jonathan Reichental

On Sunday, during the coming weekend's 114th California Library Association conference, you get an extra hour sleep (we revert to "standard" time from daylight saving) and the opportunity to hear master speaker Dr. Jonathan Reichental, at 2 pm. Dr. Reichental brings to California librarians that enriching mix of public and private experience, from the world of business and from that of government.


Lessons from Learners

"Where there is an open mind there will always be a frontier."
—Charles F. Kettering*

Learning and teaching go hand in hand. Recently I taught “Promote, Inform, Educate: Creating Effective Materials for Your Library Community,” one of a series of courses on communications I’ve created for Infopeople. Although my official role was to be a learning facilitator for participants, I learned some lessons too. In fact, I think many of us involved with the course learned things that weren’t on the official agenda, things that apply to the workplace as much as the classroom.


Why Nations Fail

My mother, who knows about the work I do in libraries around culture change to produce vibrant organizations, sent me an article from the New York Times Magazine online called “Why Some Countries Go Bust” ( The article reviews a new book by Turkish M.I.T. professor Daron Acemoglu and his collaborator James Robinson called “Why Nations Fail,” What seems obvious to me is that the principles they present apply not only to nations but to organizations, as well. As the author of the NY Times article says,

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