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Upgrading Your Gates Machine to XP

Courtesy of Web Junction, you can now get the secret ingredients necessary to upgrade your Gates computer to Windows XP. When I say secret ingredients, I mostly mean the instructions, which until now, had been buried in the bowels of the pacomputing website and not made readily available for Californians.


Knock, knock, who's there? SmarterChild

Everybody's instant messaging these days. You can chat with friends, coworkers, or family. Libraries are using IM for reference. So what's next? Meet SmarterChild. Just add smarterchild to your AIM buddy list (also available for MSN Messenger and ICQ) and start chatting! It will remember everything you tell it about yourself (where you live, your pets, etc).


California Library RFID Survey

Infopeople and the Information Technology Section of the California Library Association conducted a survey of California libraries on their use of, or interest in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).
Of the 345 libraries invited to particpate, 113 libraries completed the survey. Of the 113, seven of them had implemented RFID systems. Another five were not familiar with the term "RFID."
We've made the survey results available in the new Emerging Technologies section of our Resources page.


Testing All Spyware Removal Products

Adam Baratz has a great article on Ars Technica that discusses the testing of the top 5 anti-spyware tools. Most people find that using a combination of Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy works the best, but this test takes a look at what actually works. It turns out that these testers found Ad-Aware to be far and away the best program for spyware removal. If you're too busy to read the whole article, you can skip to the conclusion.



Ever seen this great text editor that Genny Engel of Sonoma County Library turned me on to? It's AceText which is a great tool for anyone who uses word processing or email.
Using AceText, you can save text clips (up to 10,000) and then define the paste order for multiple clips. You can search all or some of your text clips. Clips can be reused easily in e-mails and documents using customizable shortcuts.


Library Chat Service

[email protected] has excellent instructions on how to download the free software and get your own screen name for the chat services AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Microsoft Messenger. From the public library that was first on the web in the U.S (second to Helsinki in the world) - St. Joseph County Public Library (South Bend, IN). They have pioneered several web-related services through the years. They are now pioneering live chat as a reference service.



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