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Brand New Google Tool: Google Desktop Search

If you're like most librarians, Google has become one of your essential tools of the trade. And now Google has expanded its search capabilities to our desktops! Google Desktop Search installs just about as quickly as the Google Toolbar does (another tool I've found essential). You download the application, it indexes what's on your hard drive, in your e-mail, searches you've run, webpage history, instant messages, etc.


RFID and Libraries

I've recently completed some work on RFID, the result of which will be a chapter in Rosenberg and Garfinkel's Wireless Privacy: RFID, Bluetooth, 802.11 (title may change by publication date in early 2005 by Addison-Wesley/Prentice Hall.
My work will be a chapter on RFID and.....libraries (surprise!). Below is a summary of my conclusions (excerpted from the aforementioned chapter) about library implementations of RFID as of today:


RFID Survey

Infopeople and the IT section of CLA have cooperatively developed an online survey designed to collect information about RFID in California libraries. Survey results will be posted on the Infopeople and CLA websites and will be used in an upcoming Infopeople webcast on RFID. We would like to have a response from as many California libraries as possible, so we are asking libraries to take the survey whether or not they use or are planning to use RFID technology.



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