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How blind people see the Internet

We talk a lot in libraries about accessibility, and how important it is to make sure that special needs users can access all of our services. But what is a blind user's Internet experience like? This Gizmodo article does a nice job of laying it out for us sighted folks. Good stuff!


Treasure trove of video

If you have ever watched or been a fan of public television, you will know about WGBH out of Boston. They brought Nova, Masterpiece Theatre (now just Masterpiece, Frontline, Antiques Roadshow, Curious George, Mystery and Julia Child to our TVs. Now you can watch or listen to an amazing collection of clips from their archives via their Open Vault project. Register for an account (it's free) and jump in. As they describe it:


Handy service for file conversion: Zamzar!

Do you ever get files sent to you in, say, an old Word Perfect or Microsoft Works format that Office can't open? Check out Zamzar! It's a free online service that will convert all sorts of odd file types to more user-friendly formats. Here's a list of the file types it can handle. You can either upload the files to Zamzar (100MB file size limit) or give it a URL to the file. If the ads bug you, they do offer an upgraded service (for a fee) that will get rid of them.


Google adds bike paths to Google Maps!

This is very cool! Google just added bike paths and bicycle directions to Google Maps! Currently, the directions are available for 150 cities. To enable it, click on the More button lurking up by the Traffic, Satellite and Terrain buttons in the upper right corner of the Google map.


Super Twitter and Facebook guides

If you ever need to show a patron or coworker (or family member or friend) how to use Facebook or Twitter, be sure to have these Mashable guidebooks handy! Each guidebook goes into nice detail (in a nice, accessible FAQ style) on a variety of topics from the basic (setting up an account) to more advanced features (sharing music or video, hiding Facebook notifications). Why reinvent the wheel with great tools like these around?



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