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Decisions, decisions

My voter pamphlet arrived in the mail a few days ago, followed by my sample ballot. Yep, it's election time! Carole Leita shared GlassBooth with us all last week, so I thought I'd toss in a few sites that I have found to be useful for helping users (and yourselves!) find information about candidates and initiatives.


Who to vote for?

A couple of my favorite places for checking out the candidates' views on looming issues are Glassbooth: Election 2008 and YouTube's You Choose '08. Take Glassbooth's quiz to get a sense of where your views on the issues match with the candidates' (you might be surprised), and take a look at their new section with videos of the candidates speaking on the issues.


How do you say that?

I ran across a neat site today (it's not new, but was new to me) while perusing LifeHacker. it's called, and all you have to do is type in the word you'd like to hear, and it pronounces it for you. pronunciation is in standard British English, so "aluminum" comes back with the American and the British pronunciation (the Brits say "al-u-mi'-neum). I couldn't come up with a word that stumped it. According to the site:


A recipe for healthy Christmas trees

Thanksgiving is behind us now, and that means it's time to start decorating for the December holidays! If you are putting your tree up now, and don't plan on taking it down until after New Year's, keeping the tree fresh and alive may be a challenge (unless, like me, you have an artificial tree, which clears up the problem nicely). So as a public service, today's post provides a recipe for keeping your tree (hopefully) alive through the holiday season.


An Insanely Useful Resource is a site to add to your reference website list and share with your users. It's been around for three years but as more and more features are added it's become a must for folks tracking what's happening at the federal level in government. The most useful feature to know about is the ability to monitor bills, committees, and members via customized email alerts and/or RSS feeds. You can track specific bills or those on a particular topic.



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