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Where in the world have you been?

An interesting question to ask anyone, and now thanks to World66, you and your patrons or anyone else can create a visual map to answer it! World66 is sort of a real world Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, with people submitting information about the places they travel. To submit content you have to login, but you can browse to your heart's content anonymously.


Cool tool for a Monday

Well, it's a cool tool for any day. From Google, it's Writely, an online word processor. You can upload existing Word docs, create new ones online, email them to your Writely account, then share the file with other folks for collaborative editing (or just keep it to yourself). Documents can be downloaded to your desktop in Word, OpenOffice, RTF, PDF*, HTML or zip formats, and you can also publish straight to your blog.

[more] goes live!

Wow, what a day! First Steve Jobs announces the MacPro (sorry, my Mac-loving heart just can't contain that news), and now OCLC takes live (okay, it actually went live yesterday, but I was bike riding most of the day so just heard the news this morning). We're talking 1.3 billion items in 10,000 libraries worldwide! Now THAT's an online catalog!



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