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Babelfish Redux

If you are as big and long-term a geek as me, you'll remember the debut in the mid/late 90's of - the world's first Internet translation service. I had hours of fun translating random chunks of English into French, Spanish, Italian, and German. Sometimes I even used it at the library to help people!


Podcasting wiki

After all the trial and error I've gone through getting started with podcasting, I decided it would make sense to share this information, and maybe build a resource that others could use (why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to?). So, I have started a wiki on podcasting. Right now it's pretty minimal, just quick links to some handy stuff that I have found and use(d). Check it out here, and help it grow!


Booklist Online

And I mean that literally. A staple of library book selectors everywhere, Booklist has been around for 100 years, providing book reviews and reading recommendations. From their FAQ:


An interesting new search engine: Zillow!

There's a new kid on the search engine block: Zillow. Well, it's sort of a search engine, anyway. It's a database of 65,00,000+ homes and their current market values. Plug an address, street, or neighborhood and the city or zip in and presto! through the magic of Google maps and a proprietary formula (iff they told us they'd have to kill us, I guess) you get instant "zestimates" for a home. It's pretty cool, and loads of fun. Is it accurate? They clain it is, within a 10% margin of error. I plugged our address in, and I'd have to agree with them.


Voicemail Hell

I needed to talk with a human at United Airlines today. I called their 800 number, listening carefully to discover all my options. The only one open to me was the instruction that if one had a rotary dial phone they could wait until the end of the message for a human. I tried this but was disconnected (I assume because the system detected I was cheating and wasn't calling from a rotary dial phone). Luckily I knew that folks reachable via the Web kept information pages on how to get through to the human behind the 800 number.



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