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Search Results Read to You

A couple of related web tools of benefit to people with vision problems you should know about and that should be on disability resources lists. Speegle reads search results and Speakwire reads from a selectable list of newsfeeds that includes the San Jose Mercury News. In Speegle, you have a choice of English or American accents. Male Voice #1 has an English accent and #2 and Female Voice have American accents.


More good from Yahoo! Local

yahoolocal.jpgIf you've never tried this out, you should. Yahoo! Local has been around for a while, and allows you to narrow your search for stuff to your home or work (or whatever) zip code or city. It's gotten a nice upgrade, and now offers city pages for every city, neighborhood and zip code in the U.S. Also:


It's my web (2.0 beta) and I'll cry if I want to

Yahoo has released beta version 2.0 of their My Web search engine. What's different about My Web? Well, Yahoo is calling it a "social search engine," which, they claim, "complements web search by enabling users to search the knowledge and expertise of their friends and community in addition to the web." This could be a very useful tool for reference librarians who would like to save useful searches and quickly find that great answer from last week.



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