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Got acronyms?

There's a new kid on the search engine block called Acronyma. It's a database of over 450,000 acronyms in seven languages that allows you to search by word(s) or acronym. You can submit new acronyms (I did after searching for Interpol and coming up empty) and also look up statistics on how many acroyms have been added in each language. Nifty!
A tip o' the Mickey Mouse ears to Research Buzz for the link.


Tracking made simple

That darned Google, always coming up with new features! This one is a useful one that is quite handy if you or your patrons need to track packages - or other numbers. I for one often get confused about which carrier is delivering my stuff, but Google's Search by Number feature makes it a breeze! Just type in the tracking number, whatever it is, and hey presto! you get your tracking results. Works for UPS, FedEx, USPS, VIN numbers, UPC codes, area codes, and patent numbers.


Who needs the Weather Channel?

When you can google the weather? Go to and type "weather los angeles, ca" and hey presto! you get a four-day forecast, as well as links to related weather information. Forecasts are courtesy of Wunderground, Inc. Oh, and you can also just use zipcodes. Neato! Downside: this only works with U.S. locations.


Soylent green are people!

Google has a new tool in beta (is it me, or is pretty much everything in Google beta now?): Google movies! Wow, what a coincidence, with the Academy Awards less than a week away! Okay, probably no coincidence. ANYway, all you do is add the operator movies: to a search for a line from a movie, the name of an actor, director, film, or just bits of stuff that happened in a film, say, "treasure and bandits and walter huston" (or the title of this post) and off you go!



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