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Something's new at Google

The Google homepage has a new link! Next time you're looking for something, check out the Local link above the search box. Enter your term in the search box then click on Local, and you'll be taken to a page where you can enter a location beside your search. Then when you click on the Google Search button, you'll get results customized for that location. Useful if you're looking for free wi-fi in Los Angeles, or a good Italian restaurant in Sacramento.
Link via the Google Blog.


Tower of Babelplex

From their own description:

Babelplex is a bilingual search service that searches the web in one language and in another language via a cross-language information retrieval system utilizing AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation, Google Translate, or Yahoo! Language Search Tools for translation and utilizing AltaVista, Google, or Yahoo! for search. Sort of like plugging a Babelfish into a search engine to do bilingual search.


Google Suggest

Google has a new service in Beta: Google Suggest. From their description of the new service:

This new web search service suggests queries as a user types what he or she is looking for into the search box. By offering more refined searches up front, Google Suggest can make searching more convenient and efficient, because it eliminates the need to type the entire text of a query. In addition, the service can connect users with new query suggestions that are useful, intriguing, and fun.


Yahoo! Images Search

Yahoo! has expanded its image collection to 1 billion images (vs. 880 million that Google claims). Why am I telling your this? Because you should remember to try Yahoo's if your habitual Google Images search doesn't find exactly what you want.



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