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Telephone tip

GOOG411 is great for saving money when you need phone numbers and/or addresses. You just call 1-800-GOOG-411 (free) instead of 411 (usually $1.50 and up per call). Especially useful for cellphone users. I programed the number in my phone and named it "info." Check out their video on it -- funny. Another free service from Google.

from Lifehacker's Top 10 Telephone Tricks


Who to vote for?

A couple of my favorite places for checking out the candidates' views on looming issues are Glassbooth: Election 2008 and YouTube's You Choose '08. Take Glassbooth's quiz to get a sense of where your views on the issues match with the candidates' (you might be surprised), and take a look at their new section with videos of the candidates speaking on the issues.



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