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An Insanely Useful Resource is a site to add to your reference website list and share with your users. It's been around for three years but as more and more features are added it's become a must for folks tracking what's happening at the federal level in government. The most useful feature to know about is the ability to monitor bills, committees, and members via customized email alerts and/or RSS feeds. You can track specific bills or those on a particular topic.


Programming is marketing is programming

Library Marketing has great programming tips to try along with an enormous amount of information on marketing. A must read for library pr people and her tips_to_try category a must read for anyone who does programming for their library. Unfortunately the blog has just begun categorizing the posts. I scanned through a few of the archived posts and here are some examples from this ongoing conversation with her readers:


Voicemail Hell

I needed to talk with a human at United Airlines today. I called their 800 number, listening carefully to discover all my options. The only one open to me was the instruction that if one had a rotary dial phone they could wait until the end of the message for a human. I tried this but was disconnected (I assume because the system detected I was cheating and wasn't calling from a rotary dial phone). Luckily I knew that folks reachable via the Web kept information pages on how to get through to the human behind the 800 number.



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