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Stories Beyond Words

Marylaine Block opens her current ExLibris article "Tell Me a Story" with

I'm not sure there's any impulse more basic in human nature than
storytelling. It's how we define who we are and make sense of the world
around us. Libraries have always been a repository of those stories.
Offering people a chance to tell their stories may be one of the most
significant gifts we can offer our community.



This short article from The Chronicle of Higher Education is an excellent read for those who work with information seekers.
Robert Parks ends The Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science with: our increasingly technological society, spotting voodoo science is a skill that every citizen should develop.


Birthday Calculator

Enter your birthday and find such facts as: astrological sign; birthstone; birth tree; date of conception; birth, death, population, marriage, and divorce statistics. When you're finished looking at this information, click on the moon phase and see what the moon looked like the night you were born.



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