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Search Results Read to You

A couple of related web tools of benefit to people with vision problems you should know about and that should be on disability resources lists. Speegle reads search results and Speakwire reads from a selectable list of newsfeeds that includes the San Jose Mercury News. In Speegle, you have a choice of English or American accents. Male Voice #1 has an English accent and #2 and Female Voice have American accents.


IMLS Leadership Grants Out!

There are great ideas and projects out there in libraryland and this annual listing of the Leadership Grantees from the IMLS is a must read for library directors and others who want to know some of the fascinating resources being developed in the library world.


Can I Tape It?

Telephone interviews are increasingly being recorded for use as podcasts and those who are doing or plan to do this need to know that the legality of recording telephone conversations varies around the country. The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has put together a guide to each state's particular laws on the practice called "Can We Tape?".


Podcasts I Like

As many of you know, I got a new hip last November. The replacement works perfectly and I now try to walk at least an hour a day to keep it working and just to enjoy the fact that I can!



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