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Looking for Good Website Design Firms

Infopeople is embarking on a reconceptualization and redesign of our website. We have developed an RFP that has been sent to a number of firms known to and recommended by several of the peeps, but we are interested in diversifying our potential bidder pool. If you know of a web design firm that you think is good, please let me know as soon as possible, as the deadline for replies is June 17. Send an email with the firm name and any contact information that you can provide to [email protected]. Thanks!


R and R for the 'Peeps'

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while will remember that Carole Leita had hip replacement surgery last November. Yesterday she demonstrated her total recovery by going with me on a 14-mile hike along the West Fork of the San Gabriel River, north of Azusa.


"Blogs We Write" and Infopeople

We have received a number of emails complaining about or commenting on content in some of the blogs that are linked in the left sidebar in the category "Blogs We Write." The blogs linked in that category are personal blogs written by Infopeople consultants or trainers. Infopeople is not responsible for the content of those blogs, and any opinions expressed in the blogs are those of the individuals who write them, not of Infopeople. Anyone wishing to comment on the content of any of the "Blogs We Write" should send comments to the individual who maintains the blog, not to Infopeople.


State Librarian to Deliver Webcasts

hildreth3.jpgState Librarian Susan Hildreth will deliver periodic webcasts through Infopeople beginning March 9, 2005. Each webcast will feature Susan's thoughts on a topic of her choice, as well as news from the State Library and from other libraries around the state. Webcast viewers will have the opportunity to interact with Susan via live chat. Future webcasts are scheduled for August 3 and December 7, 2005.


Upcoming Webcasts

Infopeople has two upcoming webcasts in the Technology Tuesdays series. First up, at noon on February 8, is "Metasearching: Librarians Like Searching, Users Like Finding," presented by Roy Tennant. Roy is returning to Infopeople after an absence of several years, and we are very pleased to have him back, since he has been one of our most popular trainers. In this webcast, Roy will cover the basics of emerging metasearch tools.


Response to Conference Workshop Requests

While we were at the CLA Conference in San Jose we received a number of requests for specific workshops. In response to some of these requests, we will be scheduling north-south sessions of both Survival Spanish for Library Staff and Survival Skills for the First-Time Library Supervisor. The sessions will be scheduled for early in 2005 -- check the training section of our website for specific dates and locations.


Anne Lipow Memorials Scheduled

I just heard from Anne's daughter Jenny that there will be a memorial gathering this Sunday, November 21, at the LeConte School Auditorium, 2241 Russell Street, Berkeley. Jenny says, "This is an informal gathering for local folks (although some, like Anne's sister Ethel, are coming from afar), an opportunity to speak about Anne's meaning in our lives. It's also a chance for us to record these spoken thoughts for Anne's beloved granddaughters, Sydney and Toby (and others who can't attend because of distance or conflicts)."


Conference Feedback

We talked to literally hundreds of people during the three days of this year's CLA Conference, and we're curious to know what you thought of the Infopeople/State Library/Other State Projects booth space. What worked for you and what didn't work? We are turning on the comments function of the blog so that you can let us know your thoughts and opinions. Thanks in advance for your input.



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