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Infopeople offers a wide variety, in both subject matter and format, of practical workplace training for library staff. Although Infopeople functions as the training arm of the California State Library and our primary audience is the California library community, most offerings are virtual (i.e., online) and are open to libraries anywhere.

The Infopeople training brand has a number of distinguishing characteristics, i.e.:

  • All training is tailored to the library environment, so even general topics such as customer service use library-specific examples.
  • Infopeople works with dozens of different trainers from all over the United States, selecting a subject matter expert for any given topic.
  • A team of instructional designers, coordinators, and technical support staff whose role is to ensure that the content and delivery meet Infopeople standards ensures the quality and consistency in training. Development and delivery of content is done by the subject matter experts


Asynchronous instructor-led online courses: These are typically four weeks long. The content can be accessed any time of the day or night, as best fits into the learner's schedule. An instructor is available throughout the course to answer questions, review and comment on discussion forums, review assignments, and conduct chat sessions and/or live online meetings. Several of these courses have been approved by ALA for Library Support Staff Certification Program (LSSC) credit and are offered at least once a year. On average, Infopeople offers two online courses a month throughout the year. The learning management system that Infopeople uses is Moodle. Fees for these courses are $75 for libraries in California and $150 for others.

Infopeople Academy: In collaboration with Niche Academy, Infopeople is using a new platform to offer a series of self-paced modules on a variety of topics of interest to library staff. These modules are free.

Live online courses: These are similar to the asynchronous instructor-led courses in that they are four weeks long and involve assignments, but they are structured around weekly scheduled live online meetings. Fees are the same as for asynchronous instructor-led courses.

Webinars: Infopeople webinars are typically one hour and are usually scheduled from noon to 1 PM Pacific time. The platform Infopeople uses is GoTo Webinar. Webinars are designed to teach a skill, introduce something new, or provide updates (e.g., on children's or young adult literature). Webinars are free and all are archived and can be accessed from the Infopeople webinar archives page at

Who Can Attend

As mentioned previously, the online training offerings are open to any library staff, wherever they are located and regardless of the type of library or state of employment. Library school students, library trustees and friends, volunteers, consultants, and unemployed librarians are all welcome.

Offerings tailored specifically to California or to a type of library are identified in the announcement and on the web page for that event. All other offerings will be of interest to all types of libraries.

Use of Training Materials

All material on the Infopeople website is licensed under a Creative Commnons Share and Share Alike license. Training materials developed by Infopeople may be used by anyone as long as credit is given to Infopeople, the Institute of Library and Museum Services, and the trainer who originated the materials. The preferred credit statement is, "This material was created by <insert trainer's name> for the Infopeople Project, supported by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered in California by the State Librarian."

Other Information

Planning process: Infopeople sets its annual training program after a rigorous planning process that includes an online needs assessment survey, interviews with key informants, focus groups, and an environmental scan.

Suggestions: Infopeople welcomes suggestions for training topics as well as general comments regarding ways to improve our training program. The suggestion form is at /training/training_suggestions.

Annual calendar: An annual training calendar is available online. This calendar is intended to help library directors and training coordinators as well as individuals plan their training development for any given fiscal year. It is subject to change and is revised as needed throughout the year.

Announcement process: Once a training event is ready to go, the announcement is posted to the website and announcements are sent to a variety of electronic lists. Infopeople has its own training list, ifptraining. To subscribe to this list, go to If you know of a list that is not currently receiving our training announcements, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected].