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Deirdre Benedict, a Court Services Analyst with the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). The AOC is the staff agency of the California Judicial Council, which has policy-making authority over the state court system.

Deirdre has been with the AOC since 2000 and currently serves as lead staff to the Judicial Council’s Ralph N. Kleps Award Committee that honors and celebrates innovative contributions of courts to the administration of justice. Deirdre is leading an effort to expand a Kleps-awarded program statewide in the California Court and Library Partnership (CCLP).

CCLP seeks to increase the public’s access to self-help services and its understanding of the courts by providing training, resources, and outreach materials to public libraries for distribution to their patrons.

Before joining the AOC, Deirdre worked for non-profit organizations specializing in membership, volunteer, and fund development, in addition to training and conference planning. She holds a bachelor’s degree in social science from California State University, San Francisco and a certificate in analytical studies from California State University, Sacramento.

Contact Information:
Phone: (415) 865-8915
Email: [email protected]